About Us

Our story

In the making

Nipa Doshi and Nisha Jhaveri started Impressions in 2008.

Impressions was created with only one thing in mind – the love for chocolates, the value for high quality ingredients, the indulgence of exquisite taste and the passion to do something extra-ordinary.

Palette of ingredients

Creating new flavours is our passion and our source of pride.

We are constantly searching for new ingredients to meet this passion. While we do so, we keep the quality of every it close to our heart. Currently we have an assortment of flavours ranging from the favourite Nutella Sea Salt to Oreo with Hazelnut and Almond to Florentines and Brownies with secret ingredients that make the taste irresistible.

Our team of master chocolatiers is creative and innovative, with in-depth knowledge and a penchant of quality. With this, we are always researching new flavors to satiate the palettes of chocolate lovers.

What makes us different

At Impressions we make the creamiest and most melt-in-your-mouth chocolates that you will find. A unique assortment of white, dark and milk chocolates along with a variety of soft centers. We take pride in introducing outstanding flavours, each delicately infused with a range of tantalizing and indulgent fillings.

Our exotic range is lauded frequently as “one of a kind”. What’s most important is that every product is eggless and handled keeping hygiene and quality in mind.

To sum it up, We provide premium chocolates, use quality ingredients, have inspired packaging, create flavours to appeal to all palates and do all this at a pricing that does not hurt the pocket.

Packed with elegance

Impressions has recently rebranded and upscaled to ensure a complement of elegant packaging style to best suit these Fine Chocolates!

While we firmly understand the consumer pulse on taste, we pay equal attention to the presentation to make each piece a pleasure to unwrap. Elegant chocolate gift boxes filled with luxury chocolates of your choice – a visual and gastronomic treat for you and your loved ones.

We can provide a range of boxes in different sizes and colours.

How to keep it fresh

Our chocolates are manufactured using fresh, high quality ingredients. They are best stored in a dry, odour-free place, between 15oc to 18. Its crucial to avoid exposure to dampness and heat.

Temperature and humidity changes may cause product to develop a whitish layer without affecting its fitness for Consumption.

Our bestsellers brownie bites have a shelf life of 7-10 days.

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